Code Of Ethics For New Square Dancers


I will try to remember that the primary basic of square dancing is to have FUN, and “a square dancer I do not know is a friend I haven’t met.”

Remembering that square dancing is an exercising activity, I will wear appropriate attire.

I will always try to keep alive the spirit of square dancing by always practicing good fellowship.

I will try not to talk about other dancers unless I have something good to say.

I understand it is inappropriate to walk out of a square unless I am ill or for an important reason and I will try to get someone to take my place.

I will not sit out a dance tip if one more couple is needed to fill a square.

I will do my share of club duties, whenever asked.

I will have respect for my Caller and always feel free to ask questions.

I will leave instruction to the Caller and not try to explain to my own square.

I will remember that once upon a time I was a beginner and be willing to dance with those who have had less experience than I have had.