A bit about me...

My husband and I began square dancing in 1995, the year our daughter was an exchange student. We saw the writing on the wall: it wasn’t going to be very long before both children were gone from home. What were we going to do? We started square dancing to see if it was an activity that we would enjoy doing together.

We fell in love with it. We were spending lots of time together. We were learning something new. We were meeting lots of really, really nice people. And most of all...

Shortly after we learned to dance, I began to learn how to call.
I call and teach Modern Western Square Dancing in the Puget Sound region. I call contra dances and community dances (a mix of squares, contras, lines and other formations) too.

I am the teacher caller for Samena Squares, a Mainstream club in Kirkland, WA. In addition to teaching lessons, I call two new dancer dances and several other dances each year for the Samenas. Check my calendar.

I am the caller for the Cascade Crossfires, a Plus club in Woodinville, WA. I call for club lessons and workshops. This club is the newest version of the K-9 Corps which was formerly the Woodinville Toe Stompers. We are starting our sixth year, September 2017.

I am a member of the following professional associations:
  • Callerlab, International Association of Square Dance Callers
  • Contralab
  • Lloyd Shaw Foundation
  • Mt. Baker Teachers, Callers, and Cuers Association
  • Northwest Callers Association

I am a member of these Callerlab committees:
  • Women In Calling, Chairwoman
  • Committee for Community and Traditional Dance
  • Mainstream Committee
  • Plus Committee

I have supplemented my square dance calling skills by taking some classes in improvisation. I would encourage you all to give it a try if you have the opportunity. It is a great opportunity to play.

On a more personal note, my husband and I, both grew up in the Mid-West. However, we have lived in Redmond for over 37 years. Our daughter lives and works in Elko, Nevada. Our son lives and works in New York City.

Square dance pictures on this site
by Lee Barnhart, Samena Squares, Kirkland, WA