Samena Squares Newsletter #13

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! It was great to see everyone after our holiday break.

There was some good dancing Thursday night. The dancing is smoothing out nicely. We learned quite a few new calls Thursday. Some are only variations of calls we already know. We added the final three Circulates to the Circulate Family.

We are almost finished with the Basic list. We will finish the last couple of calls this coming Thursday and then move on to the Mainstream list. We are more than half way there.

A friendly dancer pointed out that in Newsletter #12 had the new calls from Week #11. This week you will find a list of all the calls that we have learned in Weeks #11, #12 and this week #13.

Dates to note:
Friday, February 2, 7:30 – 10:30 p.m., First Friday Fun Fest hosted by the Whirlybirds with Dave Harry, caller. The hall is The Hayloft, 15320 35th Ave W, Lynnwood. Cost is $7/person.

May 2018 be a great year for you and your family!

Happy dancing,

Week #13
5. Promenade Family:
5 c. Wrong Way Promenade: As a couple, PROMENADE opposite the usual direction, that is, in a clockwise direction. WRONG WAY PROMENADE – couples full around 16 steps.

8. Right and Left Grand Family:

8 b. Weave the Ring: Same as RIGHT AND LEFT GRAND without hands. Hint: pass same shoulder as the hand you would be using. WEAVE THE RING – 10 steps.

21. Circulate Family:
21. c. All 8 Circulate: As an individual dancer move to the next position on your circulating path. For example, if you are a Center in an ocean wave, you remain a Center. If you are the End in an ocean wave, you remain an End. ALL 8 CIRCULATE – 4 steps.

21. d. Single File Circulate: In a column, each dancer moves to the next spot on the circulating path. SINGLE FILE CIRCULATE – 4 steps.

21. e. Box/Split Circulate: The formations divide into two separate boxes; dancers circulate to the next position on the circulating path in their foursome. (This one needs a picture.) SPLIT/BOX CIRCULATE – 4 steps.

35. Box
The Gnat: This is one of the few moves that actually require a Boy and a Girl. With the person you’re facing join Right hands (by the fingertips. Boys palms up Girls palms down). Raise the joined hands Girls turn left face under the forming arch, Boys step across behind the Girls. Both end in the others starting position and facing direction. Right hands joined. BOX THE GNAT – 4 steps.

49. Trade By:
Couples in the center facing each other PASS THRU while the outfacing dancers do a PARTNER TRADE to face in. TRADE BY – 4 steps.

50. Touch 1/4:
With the person you are facing, touch right hands and with hands joined turn one quarter. TOUCH 1/4 – 2 steps.

51. Ferris Wheel:
From a Two Faced Line; The couples facing IN step straight forward till the centers can touch adjacent hands (forms a new two-faced line in the center) then they do half of a Couples Trade and Bend The Line to face the adjacent couple. The OUT-FACING couple (with an imaginary adjacent couple) does half of a Couples Trade and the Bends to face the Center of the set. FERRIS WHEEL – 6 steps.