Samena Squares Newsletter #9

Dear Friends,

Congratulations!!! What a great end to the evening! All the squares ended up with their original partners at the end of both singing calls! Way to go! Keep up the good dancing! Celebrate!

We are starting to get into some of the calls and formations that we dance most often like Ocean Waves and Swing Thru. There will be lots of repetitions.

If a dancer knows how to Circulate, Trade, Run, Cast Off and do Arm Turns precisely and accurately they can dance anywhere to any caller. We have danced some of these. For example, we have only danced two of the five Circulates or two of the three Trades. We will be learning the rest in the next few weeks or right after the holidays.

We also talked about keeping your square small. If squares get too big, you have to take extra steps to reach the dancers you are doing the next call with. The result of that is you are behind the rest of the squares and most likely broken down. All of that leads to frustration and being tired before the end of the evening. I don’t know about you but I pay to dance the whole night.

Dates to note:
Thursday, November 23: No class tonight! Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, December 1, 7:30 – 10:30 p.m.,
First Friday Fun Fest hosted by the Whirlybirds with Dave Harry, caller. The hall is The Hayloft, 15320 35th Ave W, Lynnwood. Cost is $7/person.

Thursday, December 21: No class tonight! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 28: No class tonight! See you at the New Year’s Eve Dance!

Sunday, December 31, 9:00 p.m. – 12:30 a.m., New Year’s Eve Student Level Dance hosted by the Whirlybirds and Samena Squares with Dave Harry and Susan Morris, calling. This dance will be at the Juanita Community Club. Tickets are available now for $15 per person. The format will be like the First Friday Fun Fests, squares alternating with line or circle dances. Make plans to dance in the New Year!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! See you in two weeks!

Happy dancing,

Week #9
40 a. Runs: Boys, Girls, Ends, Centers: Designated dancers move forward and around another dancer as directed. This always results in a change of facing direction (180 degrees for the runner). The person being run around (runee) slides sideways to the vacated spot of the runner. BOYS, GIRLS, ENDS, CENTERS RUN – 4 steps.

43. Wheel & Deal: From lines with all four dancers facing out, the right hand couple wheels toward the center of the line to end in front of the other couple; the left hand couple wheels toward the center of the line to end behind the other couple. From two faced lines, both couples wheel toward the center of the line to end facing each other. WHEEL & DEAL – 4 steps.

44. Double Pass Thru: Couples in tandem (one behind the other), individually pass by two people. DOUBLE PASS THRU – 4 steps.

45. First Couple Go Left, Next Go Right: A directional call, first couple wheels as a couple to the left; the next couple wheels as a couple to the right to all end facing the opposite direction. Listen closely. It can be the opposite, first right, next left. FIRST COUPLE GO LEFT, NEXT GO RIGHT – 6 steps.