Samena Squares Newsletter #4

Dear Friends,

Good dancing Thursday night!

You will notice that starting this week I am only listing the new calls that we learned. Most of them are parts of a family of calls. For example, the Circulate Family has 5 parts) We will add to these families in the coming weeks. If you need to refer to earlier calls you can find the earlier newsletters on my website (

Dates to note:
Friday, October 27, 7:30 – 10:00 p.m., Monster Mash Halloween Level Dance hosted by the Samena Squares. I will be calling. The dance is in our hall, the Juanita Community Club. Cost is included with your lesson fee. This is a Halloween dance. Costumes are encouraged.

Saturday, October 28, 7:30 – 9:30 p.m., Halloween Level Dance hosted by the Square Crows with Michael Olson, caller. The hall is the Sammamish Valley Grange, 14654 148th NE, Woodinville (just north of the Hollywood Schoolhouse). Costumes are optional. The Samena Squares will be caravanning to this dance so there will be people that you know to dance with.

Friday, November 3, 7:30 – 10:30 p.m., First Friday Fun Fest hosted by the Whirlybirds with Dave Harry, caller. The hall is The Hayloft, 15320 35th Ave W, Lynnwood. Cost is $7/person.

Sunday, December 31, 9:00 p.m. – 12:30 a.m., New Year’s Eve Student Level Dance hosted by the Whirlybirds and Samena Squares with Dave Harry and Susan Morris, calling. This dance will be at the Juanita Community Club. Tickets are available now for $15 per person. The format will be like the First Friday Fun Fests, squares alternating with line or circle dances. Make plans to dance in the New Year!

Don't forget! One more week to get a Halloween costume!

Stay warm and dry! See you Thursday night!

Happy dancing,

Week #4
5. Promenade Family:
5 d. Star Promenade: Dancers in the star put their arm around (or join hands with) the indicated dancer and continue walking together until the next call. STAR PROMENADE – 4 couples full around 12 steps; with backout at home – 16 steps.

13. Separate Family:
13. Separate: Active couples turn your back on your partner and move away from each other around the set and around as many people as directed by the caller. SEPARATE – 2 + steps, determined by the distance traveled.

13 b. Around 1 or 2 Into The Middle: Move around the number of dancers indicated by the caller and step into the middle of the square. AROUND 1 INTO THE MIDDLE – 8 steps; AROUND 2 INTO THE MIDDLE – 12 steps.

14. Split Two: Designated or active dancers go as a couple between the two dancers in front of you and carryout next call. The other dancers or inactive dancers slide apart to let them through and then slide back together. SPLIT TWO – 2 + the next call.

21. Circulate Family:
21. a. Named Dancers Circulate: Named dancers can be Boys, Girls, Centers or Ends. The indicated (active) dancers move along their circulate path to the next position. NAMED DANCERS CIRCULATE – 4 steps.

21. b. Couples Circulate: As a couple move to the next couples place in the square; if you are looking at someone’s back step straight ahead; if you are looking out of the square as a couple move around the corner to the place of the next couple. COUPLES CIRCULATE – 4 steps.