Cascade Crossfires Newsletter #2

Dear Friends,

It was fun to see everyone Monday night!

Please be gentle and kind with each other. There should be no grabbing of hands or pushing or pulling other dancers. You have no idea who is dealing with sore hands or unseen injuries to shoulders or elbows. Everyone should be dancing his or her own dance or in other words, moving their own bodies. If you need to point out where they should be do it with a quiet word and a hand pointing to where they should be. The bottom line is no arm wrestling at square dances.

At the end of the evening, I gave a command to the Sides. The next command was to the Centers. There was some confusion about who was supposed to do that command. In a squared set, the dancers the command is given to has to be defined (Heads Square Thru 4 or Sides Right and Left Thru). Once dancers are active, they continue to be active (the calls are directed toward them) until there is a call that has to involve the other dancers or a command is given to involve all dancers. An example, Sides Right and Left Thru, Flutterwheel, Reverse Flutterwheel, Pass the Ocean, all are directed to the Sides. Now from the Pass the Ocean with the command Extend, they have to step forward to the Heads. Now all dancers are active for the next commands. I hope this helps. We will dance some examples Monday night.

I have included the definitions of Dancer Naming in the definitions below. If you are not familiar with all the ways dancers can be identified in a square, review it and bring any questions with you on Monday night.

See you Monday!

Happy dancing,

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Dates to note:
Monday, October 30, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., Workshop Extravaganza. This is a Plus Level Dance. The Awesome Plus workshop is from 6:30 -7:00 p.m.

Saturday, December 23, 7:30 – 10:00 p.m., Holiday Plus Dance Party hosted by the Cascade Crossfires, Susan Morris, calling and Roxanne Boelter, cueing. This dance will be at the Juanita Community Club, 13027 100th Ave NE, Kirkland.

Week #2
Dancer naming:
i. Couple: Two people standing side by side; for universal understanding of square dance commands the dancer on the left dances the Boy/Man part of commands, the dancer on the right dances the GIRL/Lady part of commands.
ii. Heads, Sides: Head couples have their back to or face the caller/music; Sides are the other two couples.
iii. Couple Numbers: Couples are numbered as follows, #1 back to caller, #2 to their right, #3 to the right of #2 or face the caller, #4 to the right of #3.
iv. Boys, Girls: Actual Boys and Girls or those dancing the Boy/Girl part of the call.
v. Centers, Ends: Dancers near the center of the square or formation are Centers. Dancers on the outside of the square or formation are called Ends.
vi. Leaders, Trailers: In a tandem (one dancer behind another dancer) the dancers facing out of the box are the Leaders, the ones facing into the box are the Trailers.

4. Load The Boat: Starting formation - Lines of four, with centers facing in, and the ends of each line facing the same (in or out) direction. TIMING – 12 steps

The END dancers move forward around the outside, passing right shoulders with three moving END dancers, and turn one-quarter in (90º) to stand beside the third person passed, facing the center of the set as a couple. Simultaneously, the CENTER four dancers PASS THRU, TURN THEIR BACKS to their momentary partners, PARTNER TRADE with their new partners, and PASS THRU.

STYLING: The end dancers, while moving on the outside, leave enough room for the center dancers to work comfortably. Arms are held in natural dance position throughout the action, blending into the appropriate hand position for the next call.

6. Peel Off: Starting formation - Tandem Couples, Box Circulate, or Z formation. TIMING – 4 steps

Lead dancers walk in an approximate semicircle, away from the center of the starting formation, to become the ends of a four-dancer line. Trailing dancers step forward as necessary to become centers of the same line and U-TURN BACK, turning away from the center of the starting formation. All dancers end in a four-dancer line. Each dancer will have turned half (180º) to end facing the opposite direction from which they started. Peel Off from Tandem Couples ends in a One-Faced Line. Peel Off from Box Circulate or a Z ends in a Two-Faced Line.

Notes: Everyone can Roll after a Peel Off. Dancers move in a smooth, continuous motion that cannot be fractionalized. The center of the ending formation is the same as the center of the starting formation.

11. (Anything) & Roll: Starting formation - Various.

The term "... & Roll" may be added to any call which, by definition, causes one or more dancers to have turning body flow to the RIGHT or LEFT as they complete their portion of the call. It is an instruction to those dancer(s) to turn individually, in place, one quarter (90º) more in the direction of body flow determined by the preceding command.
Note that if "... and Roll" is added to a call, which by definition, has some dancers walking in a straight line at the completion of their portion of the call, those dancers will do nothing for the "... and Roll".

(ANYTHING) & ROLL – 2 steps

13. Fan The Top: Starting formation - ocean wave or two-faced lines.

The centers of the line or wave turn three quarters (270º) while the outside dancers move forward in a quarter circle. The ending formation is at right angles to the starting formation. Centers remain centers and ends remain ends.

FAN THE TOP – 4 steps

18. Diamond Circulate: Starting formation - Any Diamond. TIMING – 3 steps

Each dancer moves forward to the next position in his diamond, changing his original facing direction one-quarter (90) toward the center of the diamond. Points become centers, and vice versa. If the call is directed to facing diamonds, all must pass right shoulders.

STYLING: It is important that dancers maintain the diamond formation as they move diagonally from one position to the next. Center dancers of DIAMONDS blend into hands up position as in an OCEAN WAVE. Dancers at the points maintain arms in natural dance position. Ladies may utilize skirt work.

19. Single Circle To A Wave: Starting formation - Facing dancers.

Facing dancers join both hands with each other and Circle Left halfway. Without stopping, they drop hands with each other and individually Veer Left, blending into a right-hand mini-wave. If the caller directs "Single Circle 3/4 to a Wave", facing dancers join both hands with each other and Circle Left 3/4, then continue to execute the rest of the call as above.


21. Flip The Diamond: Starting formation - Any Diamond. TIMING – 3

The centers of the diamond do a Diamond Circulate to the next position in their diamond, while the points Run ("Flip" 180º) into the nearest center position and join hands to become the centers of the forming wave or line. When "flipping" a facing diamond, the points always take the inside path, and the centers always take the outside path.