Cascade Crossfires Newsletter #1

Dear Friends,

How nice to see so many new Plus dancers! Thank you for joining us!

Plus dancing is many Basic and Mainstream calls added together and given a different name. There are some new formations too. The mental exercise part is that you will have to remember which calls in which order. The better Mainstream dancer you are the easier the Plus dancing will be. I strongly encourage you to go to as many Mainstream dances as you can while you are learning Plus.

The most challenging square dance calls are Runs, Trades, Circulates, Stars, and Casts. The things that help are touching hands at the end of any call so you know your formation and keeping your square small.

If you haven’t been using these yet here are a couple of online resources for square dance calls:
Saddlebrooke Squares:

This is a square dance club in Arizona. They are videos of live dancers. Search for the call you want to watch. Some of them are grouped together. I would recommend picking one particular dancer and the follow them through the call.

Tam Twirlers – Taminations:

This club has provided a site viewing the calls from a ‘birds eye’ view. The calls we are dancing are from the Plus list. You can see the traffic patterns. The gridlines help.

As you use these sites, particularly the live dancer sites, you will note that there are some styling differences from what we will be learning in class. Please dance the calls as I teach them in class. Some of the differences are due to regional styling differences across the United States. Some of the differences are that the definition of the call has been modified since the videos were produced.

We will welcome more new Plus dancers this coming Monday.

See you Monday!

Happy dancing,

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Week #1
4. Load The Boat: Starting formation - Lines of four, with centers facing in, and the ends of each line facing the same (in or out) direction. TIMING – 12 steps

The END dancers move forward around the outside, passing right shoulders with three moving END dancers, and turn one-quarter in (90º) to stand beside the third person passed, facing the center of the set as a couple. Simultaneously, the CENTER four dancers PASS THRU, TURN THEIR BACKS to their momentary partners, PARTNER TRADE with their new partners, and PASS THRU.

STYLING: The end dancers, while moving on the outside, leave enough room for the center dancers to work comfortably. Arms are held in natural dance position throughout the action, blending into the appropriate hand position for the next call.

6. Peel Off: Starting formation - Tandem Couples, Box Circulate, or Z formation. TIMING – 4 steps

Lead dancers walk in an approximate semicircle, away from the center of the starting formation, to become the ends of a four-dancer line. Trailing dancers step forward as necessary to become centers of the same line and U-TURN BACK, turning away from the center of the starting formation. All dancers end in a four-dancer line. Each dancer will have turned half (180º) to end facing the opposite direction from which they started. Peel Off from Tandem Couples ends in a One-Faced Line. Peel Off from Box Circulate or a Z ends in a Two-Faced Line.

Notes: Everyone can Roll after a Peel Off. Dancers move in a smooth, continuous motion that cannot be fractionalized. The center of the ending formation is the same as the center of the starting formation.

19. Diamond Circulate: Starting formation - Any Diamond. TIMING – 3 steps

Each dancer moves forward to the next position in his diamond, changing his original facing direction one-quarter (90) toward the center of the diamond. Points become centers, and vice versa. If the call is directed to facing diamonds, all must pass right shoulders.

STYLING: It is important that dancers maintain the diamond formation as they move diagonally from one position to the next. Center dancers of DIAMONDS blend into hands up position as in an OCEAN WAVE. Dancers at the points maintain arms in natural dance position. Ladies may utilize skirt work.